8 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Time flies when you’re having fun. 2018 is just around the corner and you are, yet again, tasked with figuring out where and how you market next year. It’s both scary and exciting to think about the future. You may be wondering if this is the year robots finally take over the world. Or if your next social campaign will be the most viral campaign in the history of marketing and will be talked about and taught and recreated for years to come (it could happen, right?).

While we can’t tell you the thought process of robots (sorry), nor do we have an algorithm to determine the fickle nature of humans (really sorry), we can help you with your digital marketing efforts for next year (you’re welcome).

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  • Why AI isn’t just the name of a 2001 science fiction movie
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  • Why ADA compliance will be more than a “nice to have” 

 Paul Szabiowski

Journey to Transform into a Consumer Focused Organization

Paul Szablowski
Senior Vice President, Brand Experience
Texas Health Resources

Paul Szablowski joined Texas Health Resources as senior vice president of Brand Experience in November 2013. He previously served as vice president of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations of the Phoenix area for Dignity Health.

In his role at Texas Health, Szablowski is responsible for leading a completely redesigned brand experience division. It includes stakeholder engagement, client engagement, digital engagement and marketing, marketing strategy and brand management as well as taking a leading role in developing the organization’s multi-stage customer experience transformation.

He is a frequent speaker and author on future trends and developments in marketing, brand, consumer insights, social science and a self-described “Positive Deviant.” Szablowski received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Southern Illinois University.

Shyna Zhang

Building a Best of Breed Martech Stack

Shyna Zhang
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Shyna is the Director of Enterprise Strategy at Marketo and previously ran the Enterprise Product Marketing team. She's an expert at helping organizations with go-to-market, content, strategy, execution and storytelling. Prior to Marketo, she managed product marketing at Microsoft, and also held positions at Dell and Accenture. Shyna is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, so Hook'em Horns!

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Bottom Full Width Text. The world of marketing has changed drastically in the last decade. With the window to the world at their fingertips, buyers are empowered to proactively find products and services to meet their needs before ever talking to you. Do you know if your marketing programs are working? Are your prospects finding the content they need to make informed decisions? In the following article, we identify 5 signs your company is ready for marketing automation.