Kentico CMS & SplashLink: A Case Study
Kentico CMS & SplashLink:  A Case Study

Kentico CMS & SplashLink: A Case Study

Automating processes can help improve operations and time management. With a successful CMS, you can increase efficiencies by creating back-end technology that automatically pulls necessary data on a regular basis.

SplashLink, an online marketplace for the water industry, required an infrastructure that allowed users to subscribe to the virtual database and manage profiles. Conversely, the client needed to manage back-end workflow in a single system that provided an efficient way to manage the data and business processes the organization utilized.

In the following case study, we review how Hileman Group helped achieve these objectives and exceeded expectations with the right CMS.

Why a CMS?

Besides allowing for easy management of website copy, a CMS can offer built-in functionality for features such as:

  • Integrated e-commerce
  • Blogs
  • File downloads
  • Back-end data reporting tools

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